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Are you hoping to fit into that special party dress you bought this Christmas? I know what it is like. Every Christmas I buy a special party dress, and I think that most of my colleagues here at Barnes Cray escorts do the same thing. We love to party at Christmas and needless to say we like to look good as well. Looking good can sometimes be the most difficult part of the Christmas party scene and you may want to trim up a bit.

I think that most of the girls here at Barnes Cray escorts of go on a bit of a pre Christmas diet, but I don’t bother with that at all. Well, I suppose I cut out any junk food and stay away from sugar. Sugar is hidden in so many things and you have to be careful. For instance I like to eat Hula Hoops at least once a day. When Christmas is coming up, I make sure that I do not indulge in my daily bag of Hula Hoops. That is one of my concessions to a Christmas diet.

One of the things that I like to do before Christmas is to make sure that I exercise a bit more. Normally I am really into toning exercises but I will confess to spending some more time on the tread mill around Christmas time. It is not one of my favorite exercises and I suppose that I could do  other things as well. One of the sexy girls here at Barnes Cray escorts tries to fit in a couple of extra weekly spin classes at Christmas. That is something that I have thought about doing but I have never really got around to.

I do cut out chocolate coming up to Christmas because I know that I am going to indulge during Christmas. A couple of the gents that I date here at Barnes Cray escorts are always buying me really nice chocolate boxes at Christmas. We are not talking Cadbury Roses. The brands that I get are some of the best brands of chocolate that you can get like Godiva. To be honest,  it is worth cutting out the junkie chocolate to be able to enjoy a box of Godiva Chocolates from Harrods. You pay a little bit more for them, but it is worth it.

Yes, I do like to eat a bit more at Christmas. I think that we all have a right to enjoy ourselves. Some of the girls here at Barnes Cray escorts tend to drink too much around Christmas time. That is not for me at all. Alcohol is not only bad for your liver but it does contain a lot of calories as well. To be honest, I am not sure if beer or wine is worse. Anyway, when I sit down for a meal, I will only ever have one glass of wine. That is enough for me. I would much rather indulge in things like cheese, turkey and mince pies. It simply would not be Christmas without mince pies and a bit of custard. We all need our treats when it comes to the season to be jolly.

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