Teach Your Son Domestic chores

Are men helpless? I have to admit that I only think that some men are helpless. When you work for a London escorts agency, you get a special insight into the life of men. Most of the guys I date at London escorts, love to tell me their life stories. It has made me realise that many women out there are not doing a very good job of raising their sons. Many men still leave home without knowing how to handle some of the most basics things in life.

So, what should mums teach their sons? I am sure that all London escorts have got their own ideas what matters when it comes to things a man needs to know how to do. Personally I think that a man should at least be able to do the ironing. You are not going to believe this, but I actually have London escorts clients who do not know how to iron a shirt. That is actually pretty pathetic as far as I am concerned. Men really do need to know how to do the ironing.

What about cooking? Sadly most men who live on their own don’t know how to cook. It could be that they have no genuine interest in learning how to cook. I have to admit that I have met men on London escorts dates who have not known how to make a cup of coffee. When they want a cup of coffee, they go out and get a take away coffee. That is not really a good way to live. If you want to live on your own, or with someone else, you should be able to make your partner a cup of tea or coffee.

Should men know how to do the laundry? How long does it take to show your son how to use the washing machine? It does not take very long. You are probably going to find this hard to believe, but I have actually been on London escorts outcalls, and been asked to show a man how to use a washing machine. Yes, it is true and I have to admit that I think that is pretty sad. You really do need to know how to use a washing machine.

Why are mums so reluctant when it comes to showing their sons how to manage the basics in their lives? I don’t know why. Perhaps it is a tradition that we have in the UK. One of my London escorts colleague is Swedish. She says that in Sweden most men know how to do the things women know how to do. I am impressed by her – she knows how to change the tires on a car. Maybe we should all learn more skills. It is not only women who are to blame, fathers are to blame as well. Why not spend the afternoon teaching your daughter how to let the air out of a radiator?

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